How to Choose a Quality Dentist

Whether you have just moved to a new area and are looking for a dentist in the vicinity for the very first time, or if you already have a dentist that you are dissatisfied with and are hoping for a change, choosing a quality dentist isn’t always as straightforward as we would like. Most towns and cities have an overabundance of dentists all more than willing to accept new clients, but not all dental professionals have been created equal. When it comes to looking after your teeth, you should never settle for anything less than the best.

Ask about their education and training

All dentists must undertake four years of dental education to receive their basic diploma. However, many also to take continuing education so that they can specialize in specific areas of dentistry, such as oral surgery, periodontics (for gum care) and orthodontics. Choosing a dentist who has at least one specialism can reduce the likelihood that you may need to be referred to someone else for your dental procedures. Make sure you check out their accreditations to ensure that they are true and accurate.

Ask about their commitment to continuing education

The field of dental care continues to rapidly evolve, and any quality dentist will have a vested interested in ensuring that they keep up to date with innovations in their industry. This includes pioneering technology as well as improvements in the techniques used. Ask your potential dentist about the courses they attend to help further their education and their commitment to their patients.

Ask about their experience

How long have they been practicing? How many different procedures do they perform each year? Have they had any cases that haven’t gone ‘by the book’ and how have they resolved them? When it comes to any practical job, including dentistry, there is no substitute for experience.

Ask about their office hours and whether they accommodate dental emergencies?

It can be tricky to fit a routine dental appointment into a busy schedule, so check that your chosen dentist has opening hours that suit you. It is also important to bear in mind that some dental emergencies occur when you least expect them, so it would be useful to find out what their arrangements are for out-of-hours problems.

Your relationship with your dentist

Any good dentist should be motivated to build a trusting relationship with you. To do this, they need to be prepared to listen to your concerns and your opinions and be able to reliably communicate all aspects of your care and treatment with you. This includes explaining his reasons for making certain recommendations and discussing viable alternatives with you if for some reason the initial treatment offered to you causes concern. Your dentist also has a duty of care to ensure that you are fully informed of any potential consequences of any treatments that you may have and get your express permission before performing any dental work.

Choosing a quality dentist is essential if you are to get the best standard of dental care for you and your family. Many dental malpractice cases arise because the victim has not performed sufficient research before choosing a dental professional.

If you believe that you may have suffered damages as a result of poor dental care, you may have a case for dental malpractice, and our team would be delighted to review the details for you with no obligation. To arrange a consultation, please contact our office today at 602-833-4200.