Arizona’s Dental Lawyers

We are Arizona dental malpractice attorneys who represent dental patients throughout Arizona who have been injured as the result of negligent or substandard dental care. Our clients are dental patients, we do not represent or defend dentists or their dental practices.
If you believe you have been injured as the result of dental work by an Arizona dentist please contact the lawyers at Arizona Dental Law Group for a free initial consultation. Please call our Scottsdale, Arizona office at (602) 833-4200 for a prompt, no-cost or obligation case review.
What is
Dental Malpractice?
Dental malpractice includes a wide variety of situations that result in injury to dental patients. Unfortunately, dentists sometimes perform dental treatment that is beyond their training and ability, which can result in serious consequences to their patients. It is important to know if the dentist you select has the appropriate training and experience for your particular dental need.
Areas of Practice Include:
  • Wrongful Death

  • Anesthesia injuries or Death

  • Hospitalization resulting from Dental Treatment

  • Jaw Fractures

  • Dental Implant Failures

  • Mini or Small Diameter Implant Failures

  • Wisdom or Third Molar Teeth Extraction Injuries

  • Nerve Injuries to Face, Lip, and Tongue

  • Wrong Teeth Extracted

  • Unnecessary or Fraudulent Dental Treatment on Children

  • Inadequate or Failed Crown and Bridge

  • Failed Oral and Dental Surgery

  • Drill Mishaps

  • Lack of Informed Consent for Procedure or Surgery

  • Failure to refer to a Specialist

  • Infection Cases

  • Failure to Diagnose

  • Inadequate Follow-up Care

Do I Have a Case?
If you have questions about the dental treatment you received please call our Scottsdale, Arizona office for a no-cost, confidential consultation. Dental malpractice claims are possible if a dental patient has been injured as a result of substandard dental care. The first step is to tell us about your situation.

Please contact us today to discuss your dental case. For a free telephone consult of your dental situation call our office at (602) 833-4200 or click on the button below to find the case evaluation form.