Dental Malpractice and Informed Consent

Author:Arizona Dental MalpracticeDate:2018-11-28
Informed consent is required for a dentist to legally provide a patient with a medical treatment. Learn about informed consent and whether a case is eligible for a malpractice lawsuit.

Can you sue a dentist for emotional distress?

Author:Arizona Dental Law GroupDate:2018-10-01
Emotional distress caused by dental malpractice might be eligible for personal injury compensation. Learn more on if you can sue a dentist for emotional distress with the Arizona Dental Law Group.

Is It Illegal for a Dentist to Break Your Tooth?

Author:Arizona Dental MalpracticeDate:2018-10-01
Sometimes dentists accidentally break a patient's tooth, and in some cases when neglect is involved, the patient might be entitled to compensation. Learn more with the Arizona Dental Law Group.

How to Tell if a Cavity was Filled Wrong

Author:Arizona Dental MalpracticeDate:2018-08-16
An improperly filled cavity can lead to complications and even tooth loss. Learn how to tell if a cavity was filled wrong, and if you might be entitled to compensation.

Symptoms of dental implant complications from negligence

Author:Arizona Dental Law GroupDate:2018-07-03
Dental implant complications from negligence are not uncommon. Learn these complications, and when patients should seek legal actions towards malpractice.

Sedation Complications from Dental Negligence

Author:Arizona Dental Law GroupDate:2018-06-06
Have you or a loved one suffered a complication from dental sedation? Learn about dental sedation and complications that might qualify as negligence.

Common Dental Negligence Lawsuits

Author:Arizona Dental Law GroupDate:2018-05-01
In America, dental negligence lawsuits often arise from botched treatments, unsterile equipment, and misdiagnosis. Learn more about the most common dental negligence lawsuits.

Tips for Winning a Dental Malpractice Case

Author:Arizona Dental MalpracticeDate:2018-04-24
To win a dental malpractice case, there are a number of elements which prove a dentist is negligent. Learn more here.

Red Flags to Watch for at the Dentist’s Office

Author:Arizona Dental MalpracticeDate:2018-04-24
Not sure if a dentist is experienced enough for your treatment? Here are some red flags to watch for at a dentist's office to avoid a dental malpractice case.

What is Dental Malpractice?

Author:Arizona Dental Law GroupDate:2018-02-23
Are you suffering from poor dental care? Learn what constitutes as dental malpractice and rules for filing.

Do I have a Dental Malpractice Case?

Author:Arizona Dental Law GroupDate:2018-02-15
Dental malpractice, also sometimes referred to as dental negligence, is classified as an avoidable injury that has been caused by a dentist who has failed to take the proper care needed during your treatment or procedure. 

How to Choose a Quality Dentist

Author:Arizona Dental Law GroupDate:2018-01-31
Trying to find a trustworthy dentist? Arizona Dental Law Group offer tips for finding a quality dentist, and avoiding dental malpractice cases.