Types of Dental Injuries and Treatment Errors

dental malpractice

Going to the dentist generally is not ranked very high on anybody’s to-do list. When your dentist is negligent or makes a mistake, you can experience immense amounts of pain. You also have to figure out how to get the issue fixed. At Arizona Dental Law Group, we help our clients figure out what went wrong with their procedure and work to make sure that they get the justice and support they need. If you think that you have been the victim of dental malpractice in Arizona, call today to schedule your free case evaluation.

There are many issues that our clients have had with their dentists. Unfortunately, we see specific types of dental malpractice more frequently than others.

Dental Implant Failures

Many dentists are great at their practice and perform exceptionally high-quality work. Unfortunately, a few awful dentists can be responsible for causing discomfort and long-term damage to many people. In many cases of dental implant malpractice, poor medical practice is evident. Many of the cases we see include an improper initial evaluation, lack of diagnostic testing, or poor choice in implant location. If your dental implants have failed, call us today and let us review your case to see if the failure was the result of dental malpractice.

Crown and Bridge Failure

Dental crowns and bridges can often be a great tool in your dental treatment. They can also cause significant issues if some necessary procedures have not been followed. Many patients that require a bridge or crown are healing from some other type of injury or decay. These conditions must be remedied and allowed to heal before restorative work can take place.

When dentists get into a hurry, the crown can hide and help to harbor bacteria or infection. In many cases, by the time the patient realizes that their crown caused the issue, they may have lost several teeth, have problems with their gum health, and may have suffered bone loss in the jaw. If any of these issues pertain to you, call our offices today.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Injuries

Almost every person will have to undergo the extraction of their wisdom teeth at some point in their lives. While this routine procedure is often uneventful, there are some telltale signs of dental malpractice. These include:

  • Jaw Fracture
  • Nerve Damage
  • Temporomandibular injury
  • Sinus Perforation
  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Infection

Some of our clients have even experienced the dentist removing the wrong teeth! Many factors should be evaluated to see if you are the victim of malpractice. Contact our office if you suffered any of these issues as a result of wisdom teeth extraction.

Root Canal Injuries

Everybody knows that root canals are probably one of the least exciting dental procedures available. Did you know that a root canal is supposed to stop the pain caused by an internal infection? If you did not have this kind of experience, it might be the result of negligent care from your dentist’s office. Several issues can be associated with a bad root canal. The improper application of pain relief or anesthesia can cause nerve damage that can harm you in the future.

The lack of skill while using the drill can cause severe damage to your teeth, gums, or underlying bone. Sometimes our clients have also experienced a lack of cleaning from the dentist. Improper cleaning results in infection continuing to damage and deteriorate them tooth, and can lead to the infection spreading throughout your body.


If you have been the victim of a botched dental procedure, call Arizona Dental Law Group today to see how we can help. Nobody deserves to be the victim of an improperly trained or practicing dentist. You can help stop more people from experiencing your discomfort.